Main Features

easy controlEasy Control Operations

Allows the user to enter and modify details by him self. Freedom to control all fields.

Direct Printing of Application FormsDirect Printing of Application Forms

Allows the user to print the required application form with filled details.

Learning License Test (Same as Original one)Learning License Test (Same as Original one)
Sample test papers for learning License. Multi-Language Exam features.

Tutorial for License Tests and GeneralDrivingTutorial for License Tests and General Driving
Allows the user to enter and modify details by him self. Freedom to control all fields.

Driving Automation is a straightforward software for driving school administration in a full fledge way with simple interface for users. More than administration, this is a work management software.

Driving school work management software is a new venture for easy, fast and efficient work management with latest work management features.

This software is adaptable to different work patterns.

It includes a special package of sample tests and tutorials, in which there is a provision for users to change or include new exam settings. The tutorials will be a comprehensive package of traffic rules and driving standards.

The administrator can set the user rights for each user according to the user role. The users can access only areas that are privileged to them. This ensures more security and safety. Check out more about driving from

Driving Automation is a software developed by Cybrosys Technologies located in Kerala. We have a team of highly motivated and dedicated new generation professionals with latest technology tools, working to meet the client’s requirement. We always care for the needs of the users, and fulfill their requirements considering the future circumstances.

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